Love me like a movie

ImageI’m pretty sure we have all watched one of those chick flicks where the girl pushes the guy away and the guy comes running back  and refuses to give up on her. Yeah I want to find that!

Why can’t I find guys like that? I am not saying that no guy is like that because I know that’s not true. I see it around me everyday, but it just seems like i am attracted to the wrong guys. I mean i date all these douche bag guys and they end up screwing me over.

And I know its not them its me, YES! I said it. For some reason i seem to be attracted to players. I have perfectly qualified men that’s flawless, but for i go for the douche bag that i know is going to screw me over. What’s sad is that after the screw me over they find love with another girl.

BTW (By The Way): When i say screw me over I don’t mean sex, in fact if that ever happens you would be the first to know. 

Like i had a great relationship it lasted a long time a year and a half to be exact and everything was pitch perfect (SEE WHAT I DID THERE) and then he left for a basketball scholarship and went to Atlanta. Let’s call him Aaron for privacy purposes. 

Also just the start of this school year i dated a guy lets call him Jacob. Yeah, he was my best friend and he dated my best friend my sophomore year. However she left the school (we are still best friends know btw) and basically he was going after me. I told him no because of my best friend and then after he went out with this girl lets call her Alex and they broke up at the end of my Junior year. During that time when they were dating we were still really close and somewhat flirty. Everyone at school was saying we should go out, we eventually went out over the summer (BIG MISTAKE.)

After, not keeping in touch we pretty much broke up. The second day of school we got back together and then everyone was all like i told you it was going to happen. We broke a month later because he still had feelings for Alex his ex. They broke up and he kept talking to me about how she is a stupid whore. However, he pretty much went out with every girl in the school after that and he is a cheater. Now everyone things that i should warn everyone not to go out with him cause he is a cheater.

He never cheated on me though cause i was like best friends with his best friends so i would know. BTW he broke up with me and that’s because he said he would normally just go out with the other girl at the same time but he didn’t want to hurt me. 

Anyways he tells me about all these stupid stuff he does and all his girlfriends like don’t want me around him because they think we still have chemistry. I think so too but maybe that’s because even thought he is a douche bag i still have feelings for him.

UGHH……. Teenage Problemz


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